Target Group



Within the last few decades, women have been able to firmly established themselves within society with advances in equality meaning they are no longer bound to household duties, allowing them to rightly stand toe-to-toe with men in the majority of roles. Additionally, society has become more self-conscious with people spending more time focusing on understanding themselves. The development in both of these areas has created new, female segments, in the sport and leisure sectors.





Magical moments are individual interpretations by which it can include every woman. Fom this reason SUUNTO Recapture has expanded SUUNTOs female target group from being mainly extreme athletes to the inclusion of every woman



Suunto turn to active people and primarily men and especially the niche of extreme athletic men who describe themselves as adventurous and explorative people.


However they would like to meet these new segments and thereby expand their target group to include active and explorative women as well




Photo by Suunto