Suunto Recapture was developed as a solution for the task to provide design research and design solutions for Suunto.

More specifically, we were given the task to to create a wearable technology jewellery for women, that creates magic for the wearer.


With the starting point in the keywords magic, wearable technology, exploration, women and adventure a thorough Design Thinking Process led to the creation of a concept where a wearable technology jewellery measures your pulse and visually transform the pulse from a unique and magical moment into another jewellery and portable memory.



Since Suuntos foundation, Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for sports watches, dive computers and sports instruments used by adventures all over the globe. From the highest mountain to the deepst oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory



Magical moments are individual interpretations and can thereby occur and happen in any experiences or situations. This means that any magical moment, as long as the person experiences or inteprets it as magical, can be transformed into a memory-jewellery and thereby that SUUNTO Recapture turns to every woman.



Photo by Suunto



With inspiration from the extreme athletic world and women’s interpretation of magic SUUNTO Recapture rethinks the way to visually transform a 2D pulse measurement into a 3D memory-jewellery with the inclusion of the consumer through the whole process.



Challenging the definition of jewellery and challenging the definition of technology and wearables, SUUNTO Recature is a composition of the classical jewel and modern technology in every aspect including the wearable technology jewellery itself, the design process and the production method.





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There are many kinds of wearable technology at the market already containing our desired technology including SUUNTOs watches.

This way SUUNTO does not need to create new wearable technology product but can simply make do with adding extra value in products they already have.

Photo by Suunto

Photo by Suunto



The concept SUUNTO Recature was invented in collaboration with


Anna Schultz Gammelgaard


Ashley Zareifard