The technological jewellery contains a pulse sensor and a GPS that tracks your location and the time. When a unique and magical experience is exhausted, a button on the technological jewellery can save the given time of measurements of the pulse.




The consumer can, by use of the website, design the memory-jewellery themselves by selecting the pulse sequence, the design template, materials and types of jewellery which make each piece of jewellery unique. At the back of the jewellery the coordinates for time and place will be engraved to keep Suuntos DNA in the products and to enable the consumers to travel back in time and place







This can be transferred to a computer where it can then be uploaded to a corresponding website where the pulse is visually changed into another piece of jewellery that thereby works as a memory for this unique and magical moment



The memory jewellery will be printed in 3D and then casted into the chosen material of the customer.



When ordering the jewellery the customer will be asked to write down their unique and magical story to have it printed into the lid of the packaging and thereby enable them to pass on the magical story and moment