Suunto is a well-established worldwide brand from 1936 with a vision to enable people to make most out of their adventure by having high expectations and big demands to the durability, quality and performance of their products.



Suunto define their visual identity upon the words sophisticated roughness because they want their products to be so sophisticated that the wearer wishes to wear it everyday and at the same time to be so tough that it can be used in very rough environments.


However Suunto has a very masculine look both visually and in their products and clearly appeal more to the male segment than the female


Photo by Suunto

Photo by Suunto



Suuntos DNA is based on a compass. A device you use when you are exploring and experiencing something new and magical on an adventure.

Photo by Suunto



Suunto uses story telling as a way to create value and make a connection between the products and the brand. They use rough nature pictures that illustrates how the sophisticated product can be used in adventures and explorative situations.



Suunto turn to active people and especially the niche of extreme athletic men who describe themselves as adventurous and explorative people.

They wish to expand their target group to include women and believe that women wants products that reflect their personality and are easy to use.




Suunto is a worldwide company with sales in more than 100 countries. They have two big product releases per year. They have a clear brand identity and use the social medias as branding channels and as a consumer involvement platform.


Suuntos uses ambassadors from the extreme athletic world to test and try their products.

Photo by Suunto



Photo by Suunto

Photo by Suunto



Suunto have a whole team dedicated to testing their in-house manufactured products, which support their demands to their products and give them a competitive advantage.

Photo by Suunto




SUUNTO has a good service strategy with Hotline support in every country,

Clear terms and conditions and

Warranty and return policies


Photo by Suunto