PRECIOUS was developed as a solution for the task to create an alternative brand to STORY.

More specifically, we were given the task to create a new subbrand for Kranz & Ziegler, having to base it on the values from their already existing brand STORY.


With the starting point in a thorough analysis of the brand and the company and the use of hunches and trend forecast we invented a multiple functional concept where you can combine the jewellery the way you want and thereby design and redesign the pieces after your needs.




Developing an alternative brand to STORY we were told to incorporate the strong sides of STORY into the new brand, PRECIOUS.

That said, we had to create a new brand fitted to Kranz & Ziegler and based on mulitfunctionality and flexibility and thereby the possibility for the consumer to create and design their own jewellery.



Fell free to download the following documents about the process, the business analysis and the final catalogue.



Kranz & Ziegler bases their segments on lifestyles. Trying to expand the brand PRECIOUS is directed to another segment and thereby providing Kranz & Ziegler with the possiblity of targeting a larger number of consumers.



In addition to create a new subbrand we also made a thorough business analysis to understand the company and the brand and in addition to provide Kranz & Ziegler with new market strategies and future possibilities for the brand STORY.



The concept PRECIOUS was invented in collaboration with


Kirstine Juul Johansen

Josefine Hansen

Aldo Velasquez