HILMA AF KLINT was a project in collaboration with LOUISIANA Museum of Moderns Art during their exhibition of the sweedish artist Hilma af Klint.


The task was to create a jewellery for the museum shop based on the exhibition.


By a thorough understanding of the museum shop, their segment and prices an understanding for the business was created. And based on that and the exhibition of the abstract paintings of Hilma af Klint, a colorful jewellery was created.



The museum shop shares their visitors with the LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art.

However the segments of consumers is not the same because women clearly tops the list of buyers, especially women above 60.



The Paintings for the Temple portrays a transcendental and not physical world and the serial of paintings is a trip towards the core and the understanding.


Very characteristic for the paintings are her use of the spiral which both symbolises the two genders as well as the trip towards understanding.

Another characteristic is her use of the colors blue and yellow symbolizing respectively the feminine and the masculine.



The jewellery is a two-sided necklace, one side showing the separated world and the other side showing the united world.


The spirals, representing the two genders, are respectively blue and yellow as a representation of the feminine and the masculine and they are connected in a perfect symbiosis symbolized by the shaped figure of a circle.



The items sold in the museum shop varies a lot in price, quality and products and thereby sends a confusing image of the quality and exclusiveness of the shop.


Most of the jewellery sold in the shop are cheap and bought on an impulse. However the shop has many other very exclusive products that matches it's very delicate reputation. This resulted in the conclusion that a more expensive and exclusive jewellery would match the rest of the shop better.





Hilma af Klint was a sweedish painter (1862-1944) who is known for her abstract paintings.

Her masterpieces are The Paintings for the Temple ( 1906-1915) which consist of 193 painting a spirit told her to paint.


Hilma af Klint uses a lot of symbolism in her paintings. Both in figures and forms as well as colors.





In order to incorporate the characteristic of Hilma af Klint into the jewellery, the jewellery is made of titanium.


Titanium changes color by oxidizing if treated with a lot of heat or electrically anodized.

Wishing to control the color, I experimented with anodizing