Magic and wearable technology for women were the keywords in the development of Suunto Recapture.

A concept where you transform your most unique and magical moments into a portable memory that you can carry with you everywhere.

Multi-functionality and the ability to design and redesign your own jewellery is the foundation of the concept PRECIOUS.

A concept where different changeable components enable the consumer to design their own jewellery depending the day’s outfit or the occasion.





With the inspiration from the period of rococo and its non-symmetrical soft lines and vivid look, the WINE was created based on the project of implementing a historical stylistic period into a jewellery.



Designing for a young segment with a commercial goal in mind, Young Generation adds color to the very black and white Scandinavian style.

Simple shapes and different sizes enables many to wear them.



The project HILMA AF KLINT was a project in collaboration with LOUISIANA Museum of Modern Art, having to design a jewellery for the target group of the museum shop based on the exhibition Hilma af Klint.



DROP is created from the inspiration of a drop of ink floating into, twisting and turning and having its own unique constantly changing shape.


Dropping metal into water creates a similar unique shape and thereby saving a drop of a second.



CRATER is inspired from the rough nature all over the world.

All the way from the mountains of Scandinavia to the dessert in Africa and the jungle in Southamerica you see unique, extreme and fascination rock and mountain foundations.


Gi Tak

Gi Tak is an enterprenueical project based on gratefulness.

Implementing the word "TAK" (thanks) in the jewellery we hope to make the wearers remeber to be grateful and appreciative in their daily lifes.




Designing a ring for a specific target group and persona, A Ring Is... the result of designing a ring for a sailor using a volcanic stone and giving it a rough look.



What is next to come?

Keep an eye on the website and see when it gets revealed!