The Change



Gi Tak is based on the point of view of

How we as a company can create a concept that based on gratitude make a change for the consumer?


To emphasize this we named the company Gi Tak, from the danish words to give and thanks.



We discovered that it is scientifically proven that gratitude does have a beneficial effect on people.


Research has shown that gratitude generates positive feeling, strengthens physical health and strengthens social relations between people.



Gi Tak is a concepts that focus' on gratitude. Through the jewellery it will remind the wearer of gratitude in their everyday life.


Gi Tak wishes that people buy their jewellery as a thanks to others or to remind themselves of gratitude in their everyday life. By doing so, Gi Tak wishes that people will pass on the gratitude and create happier surroundings.



"Gratitude is an approach to live that can be freely chosen for oneself"




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