Gi Tak



Gi Tak was developed as a solution for the entrepreneurial project of starting, forming and creating a busines in order to sell the result in the shop Display in Vesterbrogade.


Gi Tak was developed during the project "Smykker til Forandring" (Jewellery for Change) and thereby during the task to develop jewellery that relates to some sort of change.



Gi Tak is based on the wish to make a positive change in peoples lives.


The jewellery is based on gratitude and the difference it makes in our lives.



The jewellery is based on the danish word for gratitude "TAK", which has been incorporated into both jewellery collections.


The design was developed with close contact to the consumer by the use of make tools and questions.



In Spring 2015 Gi Tak changed its visual layout to a more colorful image to greet the spring, to associate more with gratitude and to connect Gi Tak with the colourtrend of the spring: pastel.




Based on a thorough ethnographical research at the area around the shop, we created 4 Personas each describing one of the four segements we found.


Read more about the research and the Peronas in the links below.



During the creation of Gi Tak we defined and created the company, we defined our marketing and branding strategies and we created a Business Model Canvas.

Furthermore we analysed the market and positioned Gi Tak and we created our supply chain management both for the time during the sale in the shop and for later websales.




The jewellery of Gi Tak was exhibited and sold in the shop Display at Vesterbrogade during two weeks in the beginning of December 2014.


Since then sales has run from Gi Taks own webshop and the jewellery has also been in commision of Note This and participated in a number of fairs.

Photo by Suunto



The concept PRECIOUS was invented in collaboration with


Sabina Perriard

Ida Rysgaard

Elisabeth Holmstrøm