DAN is the result of redesigning and rethinking a design. In this case the business and design of Gi Tak.


Based on research and observation during the 2 weeks sales period of Gi Tak in the shop display, a new business strategy has been made and a new design has been created.



Consumer surveys showed that the consumers liked the symbolism in the Flake-collection but also that they associate gratitude with round shapes.

Furthermore it showed that the consumers associate gratitude with colors.



Mirroring the word DAN creates a symbolism similar to the 'Flake' and enclosuring it into and oval shape gives it a more soft and grateful look.


The use of titanium provides the possibility to use colors in the design and thereby create a more colorful and happy look.



During the sales in the shop it was discovered that the 'Tag-collection' of Gi Tak did not sell except for the bracelet, especially when compared with the 'Flake-collection' that sold fine.


Based on this knowledge and the wish to spread the message about gratitude to as many people as possible, the task became to increase and optimise the message of an already exciting and selling brand and still maintain the concept about gratitude?




Incorporating the results of the surveys into the design and trying to spread the message further by making the brand international, the new design was created based upon the international word DAN: the word of gratitude in volapyk.